With confident we can say, live a new life that will sate;


NTL Recruitment Limited is committed to helping women who are 45 years old or above with job matching service. We value the worth of the forgotten in society and we have the aspiration to help them to turn over a new page of their lives.

The Genesis

NTL was founded by young ladies working at an employment agency. It is found that senior females are more likely to be eliminated in first-round screenings. Abilities and experiences might be one of the factors. However, more of them lacked the opportunity to be noticed or be seen.  


Our mission is to help women to reintegrate into the society. Also, we aim at helping them to unearth their potentials at work, manifest their self-values, build up the sense of self-recognition, and restore their positive self-image. And by gaining confidence, live a dynamic and meaningful life.






Social Inclusion

由3個20出頭的女生成立,因爲看到社會上成熟女性的掙扎,職場生涯因性別、年齡、家庭而被迫放棄追逐夢想,故希望透過幫助 45+ 的女性憑著自身力量,再次投入職場,發揮光輝一面。同時促進兩個一貫被認爲有鴻溝的世代交流,達致跨代共融打破既有的年代隔閡

Response to Society

We hope to provide job opportunities and training programs to less privileged women and provide job matching services. In this way, they are able to take care of their career and family at the same time. Not only achieving self-sufficiency but also living a meaningful life with pride.



The first-ever employment agency in Hong Kong, catering to the needs of ladies aged 45 or above. Through the use of modern technology in innovative training sessions and plans, we hope to enhance their competitiveness and unearth their potential. Moreover, to help employers to seek qualified talents.




The brand-new 3+1 one-stop service mode provides the most suitable resource and builds the most satisfying ‘return’ talents. The 3+1 model refers to the resume polishing, technical training courses, job matching service, and the Senior Internship Program.







提供創新的兼職文職工作借調選項,增加雇主的彈性之餘,也能讓女性有時間兼顧家庭與事業,促成雇主雇員雙贏局面。推動 “SLASH” 工作模式,讓 “SLASH” 不再只局限於年輕人,成熟女性也能夠加入 “SLASH” 的行列,選擇最適合自己的職業道路。